How To Handle Scope Creep As An Online Business Owner

How to Deal with Scope Creep in your Business

March 11 2022
Scope Creep: when the scope of work creeps outside the original scope of services outlined in your client contract. Scope creep can impact your business growth, mental health, and definitely your bottom line.

Learn how to recognize, handle and respond to scope creep in your business with these easy to use tips and example responses.
2022 Wedding Boom Contract Tips

Is your Contract Wedding Season Ready?

March 2 2022

It’s no secret that many weddings have been put on hold over the past couple of years. Between the COVID 19 pandemic and the financial hardships people faced during quarantines and lockdowns, weddings were not at the top of the list. 

But (thankfully), that’s all predicted to change and a 2022 wedding boom is on the horizon!

Check out these 7 tips for ensuring your wedding/event planning or services business is prepared and ready to take advantage of this wedding boom! 

What freelancers need to know about copyrights

What Freelancers Need To Know About Copyrights

February 16 2022
As a freelancer, it is essential to understand copyrights and the laws around them. Not only is this important to protect your own work as a freelancer, but also the work of your clients. It can often be confusing to know exactly what copyright is and what it protects. Read on to learn exactly what freelancers need to know about copyrights. 
Website Policy Blog Post

Do I Really Need a Privacy Policy on my Website?

February 4 2022

When it comes to building your own website, there are some key website policies you’ll want to have in place to protect yourself, your customers, and ensure your website is legally set up for success.

 I was honoured to be interviewed by design and creative strategist, Abigail Regucera, where I shared 5 reasons why you need a privacy policy and terms of use on your website. 

Legal Considerations When Making Your 2022 Biz Resolutions

Legal Considerations When Making Your 2022 Biz Resolutions

December 16 2021
Are you in the process of setting New Year's resolutions? Be sure to check out these legal considerations when making your 2022 biz resolutions.
How to Give Your Business a Fall Refresh

How to Give Your Business a Fall Refresh

September 27 2021

There is a certain magic that comes as we roll into September, isn't there? It's typically known as back-to-school, but I think of it as back-to-business too. After taking it a little easy during the busy months of summer, where clients are off sunbathing and business slows down a little, September hits and we have a new energy to bring back to business. 

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Freelancers Make (and how to avoid them)

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Freelancers Make (and how to avoid them)

April 13 2021
Whatever stage of business you're in, there's lots of learning that comes with the entrepreneuria...
Creating your 2021 COVID Plan

Creating your 2021 COVID Plan

January 15 2021
Well, it looks like COVID19 and the fallout is here to stay for awhile. Even with the roll out of...
photo of Jaime Bell of Contracts Market holding hat

My journey to launch Contracts Market - Q+A with Female CoFounder

October 17 2020
Wondering how the heck Contracts Market came to be? Well a lot of blood, sweat, tears and well...drafting contracts!