Use this Client Testimonial Release Form to Collect and Publish your Client Testimonials… Legally!

Did you know you need your clients' written consent to use their testimonial? 

Did you also know you can’t just copy + paste Google reviews and post them directly on your site without committing copyright infringement?

Client testimonials are so important in order to build credibility and trust with potential clients and it’s important to do this legally!

That’s why I created this FREE, easy-to-use Client Testimonial Release that can be easily integrated into your client off-boarding processes so you can collect and share powerful client testimonials, legally!



This Free Client Testimonial Release Form includes the following important legal clauses:

✔️ Testimonial confirmation from your client
✔️ Grant of rights from client to you in order to be able to legally publish their testimonial on your website and social media
✔️ Confirmation that you don’t owe your client any compensation or royalties to use their testimonial; 
✔️ All the other legal clauses you need!