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Yes. You need a Coaching Contract. Here's Why.

Yes You need a coaching contract. Here's Why.

If you're a business coach, health coach, finance coach or providing any kind of coaching services you know the importance of building a good relationship with your clients. I find that coaches seem to have such a great relationship with their clients that they often feel they don't need a contract - what could go wrong? 

While a solid legal contract is there to protect you, there are few other reasons why it's a great idea to have a coach contract, whether you offer 1-1 or group coaching services. 

Ready? Let's dive in. 

Contracts set out your policies (read: boundaries!)

A great coaching contract sets out everything your client needs to know from the start, including what happens if they miss a scheduled coaching call, how you collect payment, what happens if they make a late payment and when and how your client can contact you. While I know you would do anything to support your client, it's important to protect your time! A few extra "quick calls" or questions about your policies is an easy way to eat up your day and drain your energy. Having these all set out in one place for easy reference is the best way to set out your policies and boundaries. 


Contracts build Trust

As a coach, you know the importance of establishing trust with your clients. Having a coaching contract in place not only helps build trust but shows you're a professional even if it's just your side hustle - for now!


Protect your Hard Work 

You've likely dedicated hours and hours of hard work into creating a unique coaching program for your unique clients. Make sure it's protected! A coaching contract will clearly set out and let your client know how they can and can't use any content you provide them as part of your coaching services and gives you a legal basis to rely on if you find out they are copying, sharing or otherwise misusing your content. 


Protect your Income and get Paid!

It's so important that terms around payment are clearly set out as well as your refund and cancellation policies.  Inevitably, as you build your business you will get requests for refunds or worse be notified that your client has requested chargeback through their credit card company. A chargeback is when a client requests that their credit card company issue a refund directly to them if you have denied them a refund. Having a contract in place that is signed by your client and that clearly sets out how you deal with refunds is your only defence in a chargeback situation so you can clearly provide evidence to the credit card company that your client is not honouring the terms of your agreement. It's always best to be prepared for the worst!


Starting a coaching business isn't easy and I know how much hard work and time you've spent creating your signature program, carving out  your niche and finding clients. That's why I've made it really easy to put a great service contract in place for your clients (as well as other contracts you need for your coaching biz) so you can not only protect your work, time and income, but also that your client feels great signing too!


Ready to protect and grow your coaching business? Check out our Coaching Contract and Coaching Bundle here.



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