Just bought a template and am loving it! I'm a lawyer myself so it was a no brainer to get a legit contract, and this was the perfect solution.

Emily Hirsekorn

As a new small business owner I was very nervous about how to properly start my business and create a website/online platform... I purchased theWebsite terms of Use and Privacy Policy bundle and Fitness Waiver. They were affordable, user friendly and a straight forward guide on how to legally protect myself and my business.

I've been investing in contracts from Contracts Market over the last few years knowing it would protect me, but also feeling like I didn't *really* need them because I work with amazing people. Well, a few weeks ago, I had my first nightmare client where I was so thankful I invested in contracts! I've never been so happy that past me made such an adult decision.

Image of Ashley Srokosz

Ashley Srokosz @ashleysrokosz

It is SO difficult to find qualified business resources specifically for Canadian creatives. When I came across the Contracts Market I was really happy to finally find legal contracts that were tailored specifically for us in Canada.

Marlo Biasutti, M81 Creative