Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (E-Commerce Terms)


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Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for E-Commerce
A template use guide is included with every contract template purchase so you can easily and quickly customize your contract
Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (E-Commerce Terms) - Contracts Market
Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (E-Commerce Terms) - Contracts Market

Who is This Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Bundle For:

This bundle is for any product-based online shops to help you clearly set out your e-commerce policies. Did you know that if you have a website, display ads, have affiliate links, or accept payments online, you need to make sure your business’ website is compliant with certain Canadian, provincial and international privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? And if your business doesn’t comply with these laws, you could get a pretty hefty fine?

These easy-to-use contract templates will ensure your website and E-Commerce shop is compliant, and also clearly outline how you will be using your visitors’ data so they can feel safe and secure when they connect with you.  You’ll also get a handy Privacy Policy checklist, so you can know exactly what your business and website need to do to be compliant.


  • Website Terms of Use specifically designed for product based e-commerce shops which allows you to customize your shop terms to your business, include refund and shipping policies, warranties and disclaimers

  • A robust privacy policy that's easy for you to customize
  • International use and compliance terms to ensure your website is safe for international visitors (and conforms to their local privacy laws)
  • Security terms if you allow people to make accounts on your website
  • Clear language around your intellectual property rights and ownership so people can’t use your content without permission

  • Clear terms around digital product licensing clearly setting out what users can and can't do (like sell or share!) with any digital products or resources on your site

  • Robust shipping, return and refund policies for your physical and/or digital products
  • Clear language around how you collect, share and use visitor information as well as clear instructions on how your visitors can review, correct, and delete any personal information you collect on the site.
  • Language limiting your liability if you ever needed to rely on your contract terms
  • Easy to understand disclaimers and release language so your website visitors understand the privacy risks involved with using your site and can take responsibility if that something goes wrong
  • All the legal terms you need (in plain English, promise!)

And so much more….

Plus you’ll get a handy Template Use guide to help you customize your contract and incorporate it into your business processes quickly and easily. 

I feel so much more confident and professional since I've invested in these templates and constantly recommend them to all of my entrepreneur friends. They're 1000% worth it!

Jasmine Williams