Photographer Agreement


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Photographer Agreement - Contracts Market
General Photography Agreement - Contracts Market
Photographer Agreement - Contracts Market
Photographer Agreement - Contracts Market
Photographer Agreement - Contracts Market
Photographer Agreement - Contracts Market


This general photography legal contract template is for all you general and portrait photographers - whether you provide family sessions, portraits, newborn sessions, or even pet photography - this contract can be customized to your unique photography services.  This contract is to be used for non-commercial sessions, meaning your clients don't intend to use your photos for commercial purposes. 

This easy-to-use and customizable photography contract template will help you set clear terms and expectations for you and your client. 


  • An easy way to define the services you provide, as well as additional services that can be provided at an additional fee (no more dreaded scope creep!)

  • Client expectations around communication and getting you what you need to do the work they’ve hired you to do 

  • Clear payment terms (so you get paid!) and what happens if you don’t

  • Cancellation and rescheduling terms so you can protect your time (and your energy)

  • Language limiting your liability if you ever needed to rely on your contract

  • A clause that states that the photographer keeps copyright ownership in the images, and only a license for persona use is granted to your client so you know who owns what at the end of the day

  • Editing image limitations to protect the quality of your work

  • Easy to understand disclaimers and release language so your client understands the risks involved with any services and can take responsibility if something goes wrong

  • Model Release 

  • Force Majeure clause in case you can’t complete your work due to an unexpected event 

  • Electronic signing provisions so you can seal the deal in record time

  • All the legal terms you need (in plain English, promise!)

And so much more….

Plus you’ll get a handy how-to guide to help you customize your contract and incorporate it into your business processes quickly and easily. 

This contract is also available as part of a Bundle.

I feel so much more confident and professional since I've invested in these templates and constantly recommend them to all of my entrepreneur friends. They're 1000% worth it!

Jasmine Williams