Affiliate Program Terms


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Affiliate Program Terms of Use Contract Template for use in Canada and the US
Affiliate Program Terms Agreement - Contracts Market
Affiliate Program Terms - Contracts Market
Affiliate Program Terms - Contracts Market

Who is This Affiliate Program Terms For:

Affiliate programs are an incredible way to grow your business. But before you launch, you want to make sure you have the right terms in place to manage your program.  How are you paying your affiliates? What's the commission rate? What laws do your affiliates need to comply with to ensure they are marketing your product or services in a legally legit way? Out Affiliate Program Terms Agreement covers all of this, and more.


This easy-to-use contract template will ensure your you and your affiliates are on the same page before they sign on. These Affiliate Terms include:

  • Commission, tracking and payment terms making it easy to set out  set out how much commission your affiliates will be paid for each sale made through their unique affiliate link

  • Clear language around your ownership rights that clearly set out what your affiliates can and can't do with any marketing materials you provide, or use of your branding elements, including your trademark! 

  • Affiliate legal compliance requirements and reference to the the various laws you and your affiliates need to comply with and clear guidelines to help your affiliate understand how to post their affiliate links legally!

  • Earnings disclaimers

  • All the legal terms you need (in plain English, promise!)

And so much more….

Plus you’ll get a handy Template Use Guide to help you customize your contract and incorporate it into your business processes quickly and easily. 

I feel so much more confident and professional since I've invested in these templates and constantly recommend them to all of my entrepreneur friends. They're 1000% worth it!

Jasmine Williams