Non-Disclosure Agreement Template


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Non-Disclosure Agreement for use in Canada and the USA
Non-Disclosure Agreement Template - Contracts Market
Non-Disclosure Agreement Template - Contracts Market

Who is This Non-Disclosure Agreement Template For:

Do you need to share private and confidential information with another individual or company? Whether you’re presenting an offer to a potential partner or investor or hiring a new employee, a non-disclosure agreement can help make sure the other doesn’t use or share your information without your say-so.


  • A non-use and non-disclosure clause to define how the information should and shouldn’t be used

  • Clear language around your content rights and ownership so both parties understand who owns what and what you plan to do with the content

  • Language limiting your liability if you ever needed to rely on your contract

  • Easy to understand disclaimers and release language so the parties involved understand the risks involved and know their rights if something goes wrong
  • All the legal terms you need (in plain English, promise!)

And so much more….

Plus you’ll get a handy Template Use guide to help you customize your contract and incorporate it into your business processes quickly and easily. 

I feel so much more confident and professional since I've invested in these templates and constantly recommend them to all of my entrepreneur friends. They're 1000% worth it!

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